Diary OF An Ugly Chink Monster

Or How To Lose A Bear\Cub In Ten Days

7 October 1985
Hello those who are viewing this. This is the journal of a politically incorrect asian bear\cub chaser. If you don't know what that is and want to be ignorant, then you have no business here. But if you seek to understand or watch for your amusement, the life and times of someone with a varying lifestyle, then by all means stay and enjoy yourself. I do not like the term "chaser" very much, it's the tool of bear\cub elitist used to keep nonbearz down. Fight the power!

My appearance is that of a hideous asian creature only heard of in myth. I dress in strips of human flesh and wear a necklace of partially eaten baby fetuses. People tend to lump me in the goth category, I would disagree. I do not read Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and cry. I do not listen to Nine Inch Nails and cut myself. I just tend to be mopey and listen to The Cure. Oh yeah I also like to dance, so that definitely makes me not goth. My interest are a very big part of my life, not just something I put up to impress, I actually keep those interest active in my daily life. I'm a Libra. Go figure. I have also come to realize that tend to seclude myself from the rest of the world. I'm trapped between self-loathing and closet shyness. Bah. So at times I seem wildly depressed. But I can pick myself up enough to have a decent,if not strange, conversation.

feral_knights and g6_tsunami are my best friends. They and our misadventures will be posted often. You will also hear references to "the G's" or "G7" and other esoteric monikers. Don't even bother, or if you can follow along you'll figure it out. =:) We often amuse ourselves with small town antics such as, but not contained to, zombie hunting, building crawling, paranormal investigating, and random sparring matches. We love all that is spooky and ookie. Except g6_tsunami, she's totally afraid of ghost. But besides that we are game for anything. ANYTHING! Which in essence means we are for hire, or on call if you are in need of paranormal assistance. Leave a message if a zombie is trying to eat your face, we'll be there. Or try at least...

My journal is friends only. I do not like judgemental people, it keeps them and trolls out. If I have friended you it's because I like you're journal, enjoy your antics, share many of the same interest, or am shallow and think you are hot. Deal with it. I don't expect friend backs, but will if I am friended.

But in any case. Hope you've enjoyed yourself if passing through. But if you are here to stay, please make yourself at home.

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